Success Stories

Here you will find the stories that our adopters have submitted to show us the true meaning of a second chance. If you’ve adopted from us and have your own happy tale you’d like to share, please fill out the form on our Contact Page with the subject line “Success Story”!


“My name is Kristi Strouth, and my husband, Jon and I adopted a beautiful kitty from the ASPCA in October of last year. She has two playmates at her new home, Gage who is 4 and Brenya who is 9. We saw her picture and fell in love with her, and once we got her home, our love her her just grew and grew. She was a little scared at first, but her personality has blossomed since and she now pretty much runs our house! She is very playful and very vocal and she will definitely let you know when she wants to play or eat. We could not be happier with her, she is now a big part of our little family and I think we all bring great happiness to each other. Thank you so much for making it possible, ASPCA!”

Submitted by Kristi Strouth


“My name is Taryn Syck, and we adopted Ellen from you last year. The whole family loves her and she is a great dog. She fits in so well with our family and our other dogs. Her favorite thing to do is go for walks and play in the creek beside the road. She is a big part of our life and we wouldn’t trade her for anything. Thanks ASPCA for everything you do!! Keep up the good work.”

Submitted by Taryn Syck





“My name is Taryn Syck, and we adopted Ellen from you last year. We loved her so much we decided to get her a play-mate and you had the perfect dog for us. We adopted Nugget from you a month or so ago. We changed his name to Tucker and he is the perfect family dog. He and Ellen get along so good and love playing together. There couldn’t be a better pair of pups in the whole world. Tucker loves to go for walks and traipse up and down the creek. Even though he is a big dog Tucker is more like a big baby than anything else. Thanks ASPCA you never disappoint. Keep doing what you do!!”

Submitted by Taryn Syck



“Today makes one year since we adopted our beloved Maggie from you! She is the absolute BEST dog ever! I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t want her. Everyone who meets her falls in love. They cannot believe how well behaved and gentle she is. Thank you for allowing us to find our special girl!”

Submitted by The McClanahan Family








“The Appalachian SPCA pulled Nellie-Anne (then known as “Cherry”) from the shelter on the day she was set to be euthanized, March 8, 2010. We took her home that day as a foster dog. She had a “cherry” eye, and as you can see in her “before” picture, she was very skinny, and very sad and defeated. Her ears were damaged from recent dog bites. Life in the shelter had clearly been hard for this timid, easy-going girl, but over the first few weeks with us, she began to realize that she was getting food and love on a regular basis, and the change in her was miraculous. She began to “smile” all the time, and bark with absolute glee whenever she saw one of us. A generous donor paid to have her eye fixed, so we gave her a new name that sprang from her new personality: when walking on her leash one day, she got so excited and jumped around so much that my sister said, “Woe, Nellie!” and the name stuck. About a month later, we decided that she belonged with our family, so we adopted her. Today Nellie-Anne is the happiest, sweetest dog on earth. She is a lot of work, and she doesn’t always obey everything we tell her to do, but this red-headed girl has enriched our lives immeasurably. It’s hard to believe that, had it not been for the SPCA, she would have died, alone and afraid, that day in the shelter.”

Submitted by The Rogers Family


“Harper Lee came to the SPCA when the family who had taken her in as a stray three weeks earlier could no longer keep her. This girl and her six, 3-week-old kittens were facing life in the shelter, so I volunteered to foster them until they could find homes. I realized immediately that Harper was a dream cat: she seemed to know at first sight that I was a friend who would help her and her brood. She let me play with her babies, and didn’t even mind my pug dogs sniffing around at these yowling new additions to our household. As the kittens got older, Harper started spending some time outside, and when I came home from work, she would run out to meet me like dogs do. That’s what cinched it: I knew I had to keep her! I also ended up with two of her babies; the six kittens had been named after t.v.’s Gosselin kids, so I kept Joel and Alexis (who turned out to be an Alex.) The other four babies were adopted out into good homes. (By the way, if the parents of those babies are reading this, I’d love to see pictures and hear updates!) The boys turn a year old today, and what better way to celebrate than by telling the world what joy three Appalachian SPCA cats have brought into my life!”

Submitted by The Rogers Family

Fred Bear

“My name is Donna Newsome. My husband Steve and I began searching online back in January for a dog for our family especially our daughter Summer Breeze. One day I ran across a picture and a brief description of a dog named Fred Bear. He was listed as a mountain dog and golden retriever mix that had been found and rescued by the Appalachian SPCA as just a small sick puppy. I knew nothing about mountain dogs so I did some research online and found that Fred Bear was almost identical to the Bernese Mountain dog breed and known for being a loyal companion. I thought then this was the dog for our family. However, I waited and kept going back and looking at Fred Bear online for a couple of weeks until I finally made contact with the Appalachian SPCA. The Saturday of that same week, Fred Bear’s foster mom had him at an adoption fair at Food City. Breezie and I went down to Food City and he immediately took to her and she to him. I knew right then that he needed to be apart of our family. We adopted Fred Bear on March 5, 2011. Since that time, he has become important to our family. When Breezie is outside, Fred Bear is constantly by her side and she loves him dearly. Thank you Appalachian SPCA for our Fred Bear. He is very loved.”

Submitted by The Newsome Family


“I just wanted to give you an update on Emma (Louise). She’s doing great! I absolutely adore her! What a sweetie! It took a while but she has really blossomed! I recently had my backyard fenced in and she just loves to run & play. She’s so fast, like a furry little bolt of lightening! She also loves to dig holes & lay in them. Haha…Sometimes I’m scared to retraumatize her but she seems to take everything in stride nowadays. I think I finally earned her trust. And does she love her treats! At night, she happily goes in her crate & stays all night. I don’t even close her door. Then when she hears my alarm in the morning, she runs & jumps on my bed. She’s like a totally different dog from when I first got her. It’s been so rewarding to see the changes in her. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know she’s doing awesome. Thank you again for bringing her into my life.”

Submitted by Leslie Cape