Appalachian SPCA Intake Policy

The Appalachian SPCA accepts owner surrenders or animals found on the streets if there is a foster home open. This limited intake policy is necessary because of the limited number of foster homes available to the Appalachian SPCA.

Giving Up Your Pet
First and foremost, please try every alternative available to you to keep your pet. Our pets are our lifetime responsibility. Coming to a shelter or rescue will be traumatic for your pet and adds to our problem of having too many homeless animals in our community.

All owner surrenders will be required to have a Feline Leukemia or FIV test performed by a vet before entering Appalachian SPCA foster care.   The cost of the test must be paid for by the owner and a written statement from the Vet must be submitted.  All owner surrenders must be deemed adoptable by a member of the Appalachian SPCA Intake Committee.
An owner surrender must be:
1- In reasonably good health
2- Of sound temperament
This also means the animal must possess a high level of adaptability to different situations (for example, a cat that is friendly and comfortable in familiar surroundings can become aggressive and/or defensive in the unfamiliar location.) Coming into a new foster home may be traumatic for your pet.
3- The third criteria is there must be a slot available in the Appalachian SPCA’s approved Foster Homes.  The program has a finite amount of space.
For these reasons the Appalachian SPCA will not guarantee that your pet will be accepted into the Adoption Program.

In addition, depending on the circumstances, an owner surrender fee may be required.

In the case of an animal found on the streets, they must be held by the “finder” for a minimum of two weeks before being placed in foster care. During that two week period, the “finder” is responsible for attempting to find the stray’s original owner, including calling local shelters and vet offices and providing a picture and a description of the dog to the internet coordinator.

Also, please note: The Appalachian SPCA is a privately-operated non-profit pet rescue, foster and adoption organization. The Appalachian SPCA is not operated by the government.