I’m small and fragile and I don’t feel well. My rescuers found me at the shelter. The shelter staff wanted the best for me but knew I had little hope there. I have a pretty bad skin infection due to allergies and I’m severely underweight. I’ve had a bath to soothe my skin and a few treats to fill my belly. I’m an old man who’s been through a lot, but I may still have some life to live and love to give. Please say a prayer for me and all the older, unwanted dogs out there. Visit your shelter or adopt from a rescue. We all need love.

Dobby is not yet up for adoption. He has quite a ways to go before he’s healthy enough for a new home. He only weighs 2.5lbs, and our focus is helping him gain weight and strength. Despite his condition and obvious neglect, he has managed to keep his inquisitive, playful personality and love of people. Dobby, and the many dogs like him, are the reason for everything we do here at the Appalachian SPCA.

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